06 December 2010

Round 2, Day 17

It's amazing how many folks have come up to me because of this blog to let me know that they are also doing P90X.  I never knew that so many of my friends are also struggling through these videos with me :)  So today, although the middle of Hanukkah, was the night that my family decided to celebrate with a dinner.  I'm am stuffed to the gills with potato and sweet potato/zucchini latkes.  If you have never had them, you are missing out (lots of info here on latkes).  Yes, it's fried and unhealthy and all that but it's just the 1 time of year.  I was "good".  I only ate 1 to 1.5ish of each kind... hahahahha.  I'm terrible. 

Sooooooo having fallen off the potato latke wagon, I came home tonight to do my P90x PLUS Kenpo Cardio +.  I'm a sweating like a mad woman but at least feel a bit better about the indulgence of fried Jewish goodness.  I'm still sore from yesterday's Total Body workout and I'm sure my arms will be jello-like.  I'll be hurting but it's good to get my muscles back into gear! 

Today’s Workout
Day: 17
Program: P90X +
Workout: Kenpo Cardio +
Length: 45 minutes
Time: Evening
Place: Home
Buddies: the potato latkes bouncing around in my belly

Next Workout: Upper + and  Abs/Core+

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