14 September 2011

39 Weeks and ready to get the show on the road :)

BabyCenter.com says this is what I'm carrying around :) 
Yeah!  39 weeks down!  Yep, it looks like I'm walking around with a mini watermelon strapped to the front of me.  I'm not saying it's the most attractive of looks out there but it's a look.  I think I'm pulling it off, sort off :) So the Baby's room is looking more like a baby's room and less like the random storage room left over from our move over two years ago.  Granted the crib is the missing item (since it's in our room) but it still looks more kiddie and less public storage.  Just putting the last finishing touches on everything.  We're getting there.  Now, I'm just wondering what kind of schedule this kiddo is on.  It'll be fun to finally know if our kiddlet is a wee he or a wee she :) We've been getting a lot of "boy" guesses lately... What do you think?

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