29 December 2011

Last Week of Maternity Leave

So I am back to work on Tuesday.  As expected my return to work is creating a number of conflicting thoughts and feelings.   I am excited to get back to work but I'll be missing all of the time that I have been spending with Max.  I'm trying to enjoy my last maternity leave days with my little guy.  The fun thing is that we get to play all day long.  He's actually interacting with and enjoying his toys, now that he can grab stuff.  It'll be a bit sad to have to leave him in the mornings now.  What makes it easier is the fact that Steve is taking a few weeks of leave now that I'm headed back.  We have a few more weeks of the little guy before we have to start taking him to daycare.

So five more days and I'm back at work.  It'll be interesting to see how the whole working mom things goes.  Another adventure!  :)

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