23 December 2011

Maxwell's First Night of Chanukkah

So, Christmakkah has officially started!  We have our Menorah set up in front of our Christmas tree.  Steve is in charge of the actual prayers sung at the lighting but maybe someday I will figure out what he's saying (if only he would slow down a little bit).  Max seems to be enjoying the ceremony, mostly because I think he just likes looking at the flickering candles.  At the very least, he's enthralled by the lights long enough to actually allow us to eat dinner.  Hey, I'll take it.

So we hope everyone is having a great holiday season!  It's just a few more days until Christmas!  My mom has already sent over a Christmas outfit so Max will be all decked out for church!  Yeah!  I love the holidays!
Max likes to just stare at the Menorah.  :)

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