15 December 2011

Our Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

Max is chilling with the tree. 
So our Christmas tree was delivered last week by the the Living Christmas Company last week.  We got a call the night before confirming our delivery.  I was really impressed.  Two big burly guys in their santa hats came by and dropped of our tree right on time.  They were super nice and I was super happy with our little Christmas tree.  It was definitely a bit taller than I though it would be but that worked out great.  Now I just have to make sure to keep the tree watered and with daily light.  I do get an email every few days reminding me to water the tree.  It's actually helpful since I want to make sure not to underwater or overwater the tree.

So the poor tree sat alone in the corner for about a week before we were finally able to get the lights onto the tree.  A few days after that, we finally got the ornaments on.  We have a few picture frame ornaments that still need pictures.  We're working on it.  Slowly but surely our little Charlie Brown Christmas tree is coming together.

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