03 April 2012

Team BeachBody April Photo Challenge- Day 3 - Daily Workout

I try to get in a workout every day but of course that is challenging with the full time job, 6 month old kiddo, and life in general.  I don't really have a workout that I do every day.  Variety helps me keep going.  If I did have to pick a workout that I do regularly, I would have to pick the P90X workouts.  Tonight, I joined my MisFits, Tom and Allan to try Core 2 from the newest Tony Horton videos.  I say try because I did try.  I just didn't actually "do" the whole workout (not for lack of trying though).  So here's a pick of Allan and me with the video that kicked my butt!  I'm already starting to feel sore... JOY! :-P  

1 comment:

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