14 April 2012

Team BeachBody April Photo Challenge- Day 12 - Fit Club (Make Up)

Allan and Tom of the Mis-Fits
I'm pretty bummed that I missed submitting my Fit Club pic to the Beachbody site because I have the most awesome Fit Club EVER!  The Mis-Fits. I got hooked up with the Mis-Fits in a roundabout way.  I was actually part of another group through SparkPeople.com.  We were having a trial workout at the local Pilate Joe's in Long Beach a few years back.  I'm not even sure if it's still there.  Anyway, it turned out that the Mis-Fits were ALSO checking out gym at the same time so we all worked out together.  The rest is history. I've been working out with Allan and Tom (my favorite Mis-Fits) ever since. I was actually there on Friday before work for some Hip Hop Abs Extreme :)

The Mis-Fits = most awesome fit club ever :)

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