15 April 2012

Team BeachBody April Photo Challenge- Day 15- Coach

My Most Awesome Coach, Allan!
I've talked before about my most awesome coach, Allan before. He is the fearless leader of The Mis-Fits.  He's shown up in a bunch of the photos for this photo challenge like Day 12, Day 9, and Day 3.  He's a perfect combination of motivation and acceptance.  We are all in different places in our health lives and that is okay as long as we are always trying to do a little better than last time.  I have had plenty of trainers and coaches in the past that have made me feel like I'm never doing enough, no matter how much I do.  With Allan, it's on my shoulders how I feel.  I know that I am accountable only to myself and that there is no one to make excuses to except for myself.  YEAH, ALLAN! You rock!

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