12 June 2012

Now what.... Ha!

From: L.A. Kings Facebook Page 
So after hours of watching and yelling at our TV and washing my Kings's shirts so that they could be worn during the playoff games, we got to jump up and down and up and down last night as we saw our Kings win the Stanley Cup.  OH YEAH! To think that we weren't even sure if we were going to get to see them in the playoffs at all.  But they won and we are super super happy!

But now there is the feeling of "Now what?"  There is no more hockey to watch this season (this happens to me right after the Super Bowl as well).  I'm not really into professional basketball.  I still have a few months before college basketball and college football start.  I didn't really realize how much hockey I was watching now that it's not on any more.  I guess I could switch to baseball.  There is a void in my sports schedule right now.  It'll be a few months before hockey starts up again.  Maybe I should just give the TV a break, that is until college football starts ... OH YEAH!

Until then GO! KINGS! GO!

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